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  • ATC Industrial Action Information – Italy 06 September

    31 Aug 2016 | By signum

    We have been informed of the following potential ATC Industrial Action in Italy on 6th of September.

    Here are the periods:

    Local ATC industrial action     11.00-1500 UTC
    LIBB (Brindisi) ACC:                11.00-1500 UTC
    LIPP (Padova) ACC:                  11.00-1500 UTC
    LIRR (Roma) ACC:                    11.00-1500 UTC
    LIEO airport (Olbia):                11.00-1500 UTC

    National (ACCs and airports) ATC industrial action between 0800-1600 UTC

    We will keep you informed as we receive any further information and will of course work to minimize any disruption to flights that are effected.

    Signum Operations.