Other Services

Fuel Purchasing and Contracts

Cost focused purchasing of fuel can save aircraft operators large amounts of money. By developing fuelling policies and selecting the most cost effective fuel providers Signum Aviation can save clients up to 30% on listed airport fuel prices. In conjunction with our fuel provision partners we are constantly working to bring you the lowest fuel prices at worldwide locations.

Crew and Passenger Visas

When visiting large amounts of overseas territories it is necessary for crew members and passengers alike to obtain entry visas. Signum Aviation can pre-arrange visas for all of your party either prior to departure or upon arrival.

Security Briefing and Protection Services

Security is always a major consideration when travelling to countries with known issues. We can provide a full security brief for any country prior to departure and advise on the best methods of keeping your passengers, crew and aircraft safe during your time in any country.

Trip Kits and Charting

If you charting subscriptions do not extend to a country or state that you are visiting we can provide full charting solutions including airways and aerodromes, saving you the cost of increasing your subscriptions.

Third Party Aircraft Charter

If you have unavailability with your own aircraft we can provide comparable aircraft so that your client will not experience any disruptions to their usual travel programme. We have access to thousands of aircraft of all types in locations all over the world.

EU ETS Trading Scheme

With the introduction of the EU ETS Scheme all aircraft flying into Europe are required to monitor and report on their emissions. Signum Aviation offers a full reporting and monitoring solution for our clients. This takes away the complex paperwork and reporting documents and allows you to get on with the more important tasks in your operation.