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  • Flight Planning Services and Weather

    flight planning

    Flight Planning Services

    Using an industry leading flight planning software package allows us to provide accurate, clear and concise flight planning data for any aircraft size from PA34 up to Airbus A380. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data and offer a personalised aircraft model complete with precise fuel burns and flying characteristics unique to your aircraft.

    Our flight planning services offer the following advanced functions:


    Weather Briefing Services

    A vital part of any pre-flight preparation is correct weather briefings. We provide a full personalised suite of weather information. This includes the following data:

    [ PIREPS ] [ SIGMETS ] [ Passenger Weather Brief ] [ AIREPS ]

    [ Surface Wx Analysis ] [ Flight Level Winds (Graphical and Text) ] [ TAF, METAR and NOTAM ]


    Airfield Performance and Runway Analysis

    With safety a primary consideration of any flight preparation Signum Aviation offers a complete airfield performance and runway analysis solution for all trips. These calculations using state of the art software considers and computes all performance factors for all airfields making sure that no safety matter is left to chance.

    Flight Watch

    An important part of any flight support service is to be able to keep our clients informed of where their aircraft is. We offer flight watch services that include reporting departure, estimated arrival and actual arrival times to anyone in your organisation who requires them.

    Signum aviation offer a complete flight planning solution and dedicated flight planners to ensure you have the smoothest journey possible 24 hours a day.