• Flight Planning
    • Handling
    • Overflight Permits
    • Landing Permits
    • Weather Briefings
    • Runway Analysis
    • Airfield Performance
    • Flight Watch
  • Operational Support

    Handling Arrangements

    At Signum Aviation we believe it is imperative to give detailed attention to ground handling as well as in flight arrangements. We have spent many years refining our list of handling agents so that your passengers can receive the best service upon arrival and departure from any airport.

    Overflight/Landing Permissions

    To enable landing and overflight of certain territories permissions are required. We have spent many years refining our contacts to enable us to easily and quickly obtain these vital permits. We can offer clear fixed pricing for all permit requirements via our operations team.

    Hotel and Transportation Arrangements

    Should your crew or passengers require any form of transportation or hotel when they arrive at their destination Signum Aviation will be happy to handle all requested arrangements. From our list of preferred vendors we can meet the exact client requirements for both transportation and accommodation.

    Customs Clearances

    When travelling to certain countries prior arrangements have to be made directly with government authorities to allow smooth and expeditious transit of passengers through customs and immigration formalities. We can handle all aspects of these very complex formalities to ensure the minimum of disruption to your passengers and crew upon arrival.

    PPR Requests/Slot Requests/Parking Arrangements

    Some airfields require special liaison with either local authorities or military authorities. Over many years Signum has in place channels of communication to enable the granting of special arrival or parking permissions.

    Catering requests

    When offering passengers the highest level of comfort on your fleet catering to their taste is a very important consideration. When you are down-route and require an extra special requested item for your clients Signum Aviation will endeavour source the highest standard of all types of cuisine through our network of catering providers.