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  • Signum Aviation Attains ISO 9001 International Quality Standard

    02 Aug 2016 | By signum

    Signum Aviation, the UK-based flight support company, has attained the international quality standard ISO 9001-2015. The accreditation demonstrates the company’s personnel, operations, facilities, equipment, and training, have met the demanding standards required to achieve the prestigious quality management systems certificate.

    The ISO 9001, which was awarded in May, has given Signum Aviation a competitive advantage in distinguishing its service levels to its international client base. Signum is using the accreditation to target European and North American operators that demand, and acknowledge, the high standards ISO 9001 standard guarantees in terms of quality assurance. “We recognise the importance of showing our customers that we operate to the highest internationally recognised quality standards. This sector of the industry remains largely unregulated, so the ISO 9001 indicates the level of operational excellence customers can expect from us. They know what it takes to achieve an ISO 9001 and understand the benefits of working with a business that has achieved it. I am extremely proud our team’s hard work in achieving this goal”, said Jonathan Gill, Managing Director of Signum Aviation.

    To become ISO 9001 accredited the company underwent a rigorous six month external auditing process and invested significant time and energy, as well as money, into adjusting their processes to meet the required ISO 9001 standards. This included upgrading software, appointing a designated quality manager, writing the necessary manuals and training staff to the new standards. Looking forward internal audits will be conducted on a monthly basis, whilst external quarterly audits will ensure the standards are maintained.

    UK-headquartered Signum Aviation provides flight planning and operations support to an international client base spanning North America, Europe, Africa, China and the Middle East. Clients include Heads of State in Europe and Africa, government aircraft and a number of high net worth individuals across the globe. The company specialises in providing a personalised service offering tailored and flexible support to its customers on a 24/7 basis. Founded in 2007, with just one client, Signum has grown to handling over 7000 flights a year for a wide range of aircraft, from Citation Mustangs to Boeing 747s.